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Bollywood stars in Paris (Part III)

Press conference at the Rex Club

30 avril 2006



With about 50 journalists Shah Rukh Khan ( specs and stunning as ever), Rani Mukherjee, Yash Chopra, Preity Zinta (sparkling eyes, dimples and all...) answered brilliantly the questions from various press representatives

Q : How do you handle all overwhelming response that you get and congratulations on the success of your movies ?

SRK : It is very humbling. We all come from middle class backgrounds and the success comes with its windfall game which is making people smile. You just don’t know how often to thank God about being able to make people smile. God has been very kind.

Q : We Africans love Indian movies. And we watch Indian movies before watching even French movies. Why ?

SRK : I’m lovely that’s why ? (with a broad and winning smile, and making us all smile too...) Actually Indian movies with their songs and dances and colors and emotions give hope to every one in life. Our lives are so mechanized that there is a button for everything. Especially, here in Europe. I was with some friends in Germany and telling them about this. There is a button, push it and there comes everything, cars, cooking, even making love ! But I believe that here in Europe they need to have a button to cry. For experiencing that emotion that makes them melt. Indian movies have a feeling of Universal love and that is what makes them extraordinary.

Q : Indian films are immense. Did we here, miss something ?

Yash Chopra : Probably the difference is music. Indian movies give a lot of stress to the music. It is an integral part of the movies. Although upto now Europe has not opened its doors to Indian cinema it is doing so now and good movies know no language barriers. Europeans are loving our films.

Q : Why did Shah Rukh Khan come so late to France ?

SRK : Could’nt find good fares on tickets !!! (there he goes again......laughter rings through the club !) Actually we did not know if we were appreciated here or not. Whether our work was liked or not. We needed to feel confident enough to come here. Our films are long and people are not used to that very much here. We have been watching French films for years but GĂ©rard Depardieu has never come to India as yet !!!! (M. Depardieu if you read this you know where you could head next......)

Q : You are forty and look twenty ? What is your secret ? SRK : (to the lovely journalist lady who asked this question) Sweetheart for you I am 18 ! You could even adopt me with great pleasure !!! It is just the hair dye and the works, I guess. Plus apart from the knees that start paining now, I don’t realize I am forty ! Mr. Yash Chopra has me dancing and wooing all these lovely young women in his films like Priety and Rani. How could I feel forty !

(There we go with the blushes coming on full swing and broad smiles from Rani and Preity !)

Q : Today Tom Cruise is in Paris for a premiĂšre too ! What do you feel is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood ?

Preity : There is Tom Cruise and Brad and then there is just this one SRK !!

SRK : Tom is a wonderful actor, only he looks 40 I don’t !!!! (full fledged confidence on that M. Khan !!!!) Well actually the word Bollywood has become very much in vogue. Even in the dictionary I guess. But it is actually the Indian film industry. And our films are about our lives in India where our wants and needs are few. We look to having a simpler life, a good marriage, respecting and satisfying our parents, a bit of material success... We aren’t in the going to the moon, rockets and machines as yet and I guess we shall not quite be......Mostly about love !!

Q : You have been doing socially and politically implied cinema more and more. Is this a new turn in your career ??

SRK : To me cinema is entertainment ! I do anything that I am proposed to do. If it is a movie with a socially important message like Veer Zaara, or a totally silly comedie that makes no sense at all.... The point is to entertain.

Q : Any words of advice that you all would like to give debutants in cinema ?

Yash Chopra : Hard work, dedication, love of the profession... Rani : I agree with Yash Uncle that hard work is most important. Even loving cinema itself rather than getting into the “glamour” thing is very necessary or you could loose the aim of your work. Priety : Tell you what, all you need is to sign a movie with SRK and you have it made !!! (that’s bubbly and champagne Zinta for you again...) SRK : I believe you should listen to Priety’s advice !!!!!!!!!!!! (We forgot we were journalists and supposed to be serious etc and everyone went , yooooooooooo !!)

Q : In your movies there is often a lot of joking about ethnic groups, between Indians. Don’t you think this could hurt sensibilities ?

SRK : No. Because I believe that jokes are a sign of camaraderie. We can joke in good spirit when we are close as we are in India. It has nothing to do with demeaning a particular sect, caste or race of people !

Q : M. Chopra, how was your movie Veer Zaara welcomed in Pakistan ?

Yash Chopra : Actually it was just sold illegally in DVD format and never realeased legally and officially, which is rather sad.

Q : When are you going to be back in Germany ? SRK : As soon as possible. And Paris ? Hey I love Paris. Can someone get me a small room near the Effeil tower ?? I won’t leave in that case.

Q : Sure you can come to my place, here is my address ! (she actually gave it later !) SRK : We can be back next year with a bigger show and why not do it right under the Effeil Tower itself !!!!!




Reporting directed and organised by Salime from Inde en ligne

Composed by Ekta from Inde en ligne

Photos credits by Joey from Inde en ligne

Special thanks to Carlotta/Bodega Films and their partners for organising this event.

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